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Have a Heart?…Have a Good One

Have a Heart?…Have a Good One

June 6, 2020

Heart health facts, cardiovascular disease, life-saving tips. Dr. David Kolbaba welcomes colleague and friend, Dr. Jim LaValle, nationally recognized clinical pharmacist, board certified clinical nutritionist and author, to discuss heart health and life-saving tips to keep your heart strong. Call our HealthQuest Radio Hotline at 800-794-1855 to learn more about our “Heart Healthy Scan.”

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Upstream Cardio Care

Upstream Cardio Care

March 23, 2019

Heart health, Heart sounder recorder, whole food supplements. Dr. David Kolbaba welcomes Tim Bahan, Clinic Consultant and Educator from Standard Process, Inc. Topics include discussion about an exciting new technology called the “heart sound recorder” as well as a whole food supplement called “Cardio-Plus” that helps support the cardiovascular system.

To learn more about whole food supplements from Standard Process, visit their website at

Call our HealthQuest Radio Hotline at 800-794-1855 for questions, to schedule a “Heart Healthy Scan” or to order “Cardio-Plus.”

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